Our Work and Experiences

If you believe something but don’t be it...you don’t believe it.
— Stephen Harris

Value Streams is a new Australian consulting company combining the experience of older heads beside young innovative thinkers. Our partners have worked in a number of key industries including Mining, Federal and State Governments, Law enforcement, Border control and Healthcare.

We have acted as sales and pre-sales experts, solution providers, delivery managers, business consultants coaches and mentors. Additionally, our partners have access to a trusted pool of experts that they have worked with over the years to provide expert knowledge when and where required, giving Value Streams access to a much broader base of expertise than would be expected from a company its size and age. 

These case studies provide a snapshot of what our partners have done and in turn give an indication of the capabilities of our combined team that is Value Streams.


"We have worked for companies in senior roles such as directors, deliverers, project managers and key consultants therefore as a team can bring that experience to our client base. Our team members range from 60 to 26 in age, there is lots of experience between us! From prime ministers office to fish and chips shop, the Tax office to the local milk bar...we've helped them all" - Stephen Harris