The OODA Loop

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Is a situational methodolgy  for  working though a problem or situation to anayse, design and resolve the situation and take appropriate action. Why do we use use it ?   It is an instinctive process which humans naturally use and has been proven in high pressure time critical, operational  contexts and  also in strategic big picture situations.  Value Streams has tailored our deliverables for this method to facilitate working with our clients to realise opportunities or address issues.   It is also our primary method for working with clients to conduct strategic and business planning then moving to the desired results or future state. 


Focused on the WHAT,  what is happening and the consequences.  Understand the Current State (CS)


Moving into the WHY looking at why things happen the history, constraints, culture, practices and the overall root cause.  How the Current State has come to be.  And WHAT a Future State will be.


Now into the HOW,  how we will address issues, realise opportunities.  Develop and assess options and strategies.  Decide the best way forward and develop the WHEN a "Roadmap" and "Action Plan".  Define the success criteria.


Now above all DO,  execute the action plans to reach the agreed Future State.  Meet success criteria and apply lessons learned.  Execute additional OODA loops as required.

Using the OODA Loop to Improve Your Business

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