THE VALUE STREAMS FRAMEWORK What does your business look like ?

Good behaviour = good business

The Value Streams Framework is made up of a set of behaviors both operational and cultural that are inherent in any business.  We work on the principle that good behaviour = good business.  When looking at a business we look at these behaviours their maturity and fit for your business and cultural context. An action plan is then developed and executed to improve prioritised operational and cutlural value streams to facilitate good business behaviour.

  • Delivery Management and Customer Support - Can you deliver your product and services effectively building trust with your clients through quality support ?
  • Product Management and Fit - Do you have a quality product that has a market and fits the market need ?   Can you grow your product to meet changing market needs and requirements ?

Operational Value group

This component of the framework is made up of key operational functions required to run a business.  Each function focuses on essential area of operations. The relevance, maturity and practical fit of these functions will determine the strength or weaknesses of the business.

  • Business Governance and Execution - Is your business governed effectively ?
  • Business Development and Growth - Can you identify and pursue a client and opportunity pipeline capturing business to grow your revenue ?
  • Financial Management and Control - Can you run your business profitably with effective cost management and accurate profit and loss ?

People and Leadership Value Groups

Cultural Values are often the most difficult to identify and grow.  Culture is driven by 2 key areas of a business,  its  People and the Leadership.  It is not simple processes or methodologies but is oftenl attitudes and behaviours.  What is required is many things and often it is about executives leading by example and a  persons fit to an organisation.

  • Valuing People - Respect - are people valued and respected at all levels, are they considered assets or commodities ?
  • Belief in the Organisation - Do your people believe in how the orgnisation operates, the product and services ?
  • Trust in the Leadership - are your executive and managemetn team trusted ?  
  • Integrity, Ethics and Probity -  does you company, executives, managemetn and employees at all levels practice honesty, integrity and probity?