We are Value Streams

Value Streams was founded to help businesses meet challenges and realise opportunities for efficiencies, growth and success. A key driver is to also create social, environmental and economic benefits eminating from Australia.

The two founding partners, Stephen Harris and Richard Harris work together on projects. The whole of their experience, skills and ethics represent many years, many projects, many lessons and many successes. 

"We bring together a common understanding of problem solving and business capability honed through practical and successful experience. Above all we deliver with the long term in mind applying "Seven Generation Thinking" to our solutions" - Richard Harris

Value Streams have been described as big-picture thinkers with the ability to get down to the detail and cut through, out think or redefine the problems.

"The return on your investment is further maximized by holding ourselves accountable to deliver real, measurable value; we are dedicated to process improvement and accountability through technology" - Stephen harris

Sustainable solutions are designed to last ten years rather than catering only for what’s happening today...

Integrity and honesty is our badge of honour and guiding principle.

We typically deliver:

  • Management consulting
  • Coaching and training
  • Delivery management
  • Product and solution development, implementation and delivery
  • Solution development methodologies and costing
  • Project and program planning and delivery
  • Business improvement and planning
  • Strategic planning and implementation of strategic plans
  • Business development and sales support
  • Writing Delivery - including Tender responses and Grant applications


Value streams HELPS YOU ARRIVE AT THE BEST DESTINATION FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Above all, we seek to provide real, measurable Value for Money to our customers.




Managing Partner

Over three decades of consulting, coaching, business development and project management experience. Worked with hundreds of businesses with the ability to pull real talent and people together to help businesses & business owners get what they want out of life.

Utilises a contemporary coaching, consultancy and training combined with practical experience that sets him apart from the rest. He has done it, its not just theory!

Applying unique emotional intelligence and sensitivity to look beyond the surface brings out unique and world first ideas, solutions and conflict-resolution models which create and drive outstanding results & systems.

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Richard harris

Managing Partner

With close to 40 years in the work force Richard is an experienced professional with strengths in business development, account management, solution design, development and delivery.  He has been involved in a broad range of roles including pre-sales solution's, bid management, consulting, business improvement and analysis and program and project management. He takes a business focused approach aligning technology to meet client needs.  He has worked in a variety of client contexts including the Asian, US as well as Australian government and private sectors.

Richard's niche is that of a leader, managing teams with an approach that identifies and manages points of responsibility.  He takes a people oriented approach, building an honest, mentoring and supportive relationship with clients, partners, stakeholders and project teams and is keenly focused on achieving the outcomes needed for success.

Unafraid of a chaotic environment or shades of grey, Richard is skilled at working with stakeholders identifying what is required, the scope of work and implementing a practical, systematic and structured approach to delivering agreed outcomes.  


Roberta Lettieri

dance director

Roberta is an experience and effective operations manager.  She is a team player who is dedicated to her work and ensuring that those she works with are supported and can rely on her ability and commitment to deliver what is required.  She is a creative out of the box problem solver with a logical and thoughtful approach to addressing issues as they arise with a total client focus.

Just like a dance, a business needs to have steps in different directions for it to flow and be successful. Roberta works with clients to make sure the business steps being taken are flowing and the business dance is successful.







John is one of the most successful appointment setters and business engagement specialists in the country.

In John's opinion, ‘life is one long negotiation’ and Dale Carnegie’s books “How To Win Friends And Influence People” (first published in 1936) and “Stop Worrying And Start Living” (first published in 1948) have provided inspiration to him at all times.  He believes Mr Carnegie's messages are totally relevant today and that they are about delivering value to those who engage bringing the best outcomes and results come from taking a genuine interest in people, sharing knowledge and experiences without the expectation of anything in return.  The mantras about integrity, friendship, loyalty and the desire to serve others are crucial to John as he is a strong believer that with time, good karma will usually bring its own rewards.

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