Coaching and Training

(Business Success Services)

Training is an important service any business required.  Making sure your business and people have the knowledge to do what needs to be done..  Coupling this training with active coaching and mentoring facilitates the practical application of the knowledge gained.  Value Streams provides training, coaching and mentoring in the following areas: 

  • Strategic planning, visioning and execution:
    • What makes a good business ?  Business maturity and the Value Streams Framework
    • Developing the business strategy and roadmap - Current State (SS), Future State(FS) and Transition States (TS)
    • Business assessment and improvement - The OODA Loop in business planning.
  • Business process improvement - Outcome driven processes
    • he Physical and Logical processes and knowing the difference
    • Modelling Processes, constraints  and dependencies
    • Understanding what is essential and developing the new process
  • Value stream optimisation for peak performance:
  • Effective Business Development to grow your business ( The ERD Lifecycle for Business Development and how to use it):
    • EXPLORE - the market place and your place in it
    • REFINE -  identify opportunities, build relationships, educate potential clients ie build trust and confidence
    • DELIVER - Propose solutions, respond to tenders ie win business
  • Proposal Development, writing good proposals:
    • Before the Proposal, what you need to do
    • Planning your Proposal, the team, responsibilities, requirements and the schedule
    • Proposal Strategies and Win themes
    • Writing you Proposal
    • After the Proposal, its not always about lowest price
  • Solution Development , how to develop a solution:
    • What process is appropriate for your business product, services, bespoke or standard
    • A simple method Analysis, design, cost and price
    • Handing over for Implementation
  • Building a Team - The planets aligned
  • Practical Team  Management
  • Using the OODA Loop, realising opportunities and resolving issues
  • Naked Systems,  practical methodologies for:
    • Business Development and CRM
    • Project management
    • Risk management
    • Opportunity and Proposal development
    • Delivery Management
    • Solution development
    • Methods maturity assessment and improvement
    • Bespoke methodology design and implementation

Our focus is to provide the knowledge you need and to bring our experience to facilitate your success.