Experienced consultants, contractors, coaches and interim managers with a passion for helping businesses succeed

We work with you to...

Build an effective business aligning your business value streams against the Value Streams Framework through the ERD for Business Improvement.

Coaching and Training that makes a difference.

Realise opportunities and resolve issues - OODA.

Build your Business Development capability and grow your revenue.

Respond to immediate needs: if you want something done and someone to do it now.

Work “above the lineto provide independent advice and assessment, strategies, ways forward and analysis.
Implement pragmatic, practical and uncomplicated methods - Business Operations, Methods and Improvement.

Broker and manage solution providers – from solution selection through delivery by  “keeping the bastards honest” (aka selecting trusted providers that deliver as promised).

Provide guidance and expert support from Consultants who have "been there before".


Our Approach


Observing your existing business behaviours, challenges and opportunities means we can orient our thinking to your environment, context culture and goals, to identify where your business is at and the circumstances that have brought you there. Mutual agreement on the challenges to be met and the improvements to be targeted keeps all parties on track and accountable.


Refining and evaluating your options using cost benefit analysis, detailed fit for purpose, critical success factors and long term,"seven generation" thinking. We recommend the most beneficial option and provide an action plan, solution roadmap and implementation strategy to best meet your business goals while setting what’s delivered, by whom, when and how.


Taking action to deliver benefit to your business. In partnership with you, we execute the action plan, solution roadmap and implementation strategy. By applying best business behaviour and practice, innovative thinking and pragmatic, yet thorough, delivery methods, we deliver long term benefit and sustainable results.